Trade Services & Trade Finance

Trade Services & Trade Finance

At Diamond Bank UK, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your trade finance needs wherever they may be. Our international expertise helps secure your payment terms in your chosen export destinations. No matter how large or small your business or transaction, our team of trade finance experts bring their knowledge and experience in processing and delivering our products and services to meet your needs.

With experienced staff in a single office location, we are able to provide bespoke services with turnaround time for LC advices and document checking within two working days at competitive prices.

Our complete range of Trade Services include:

  • Letters of Credit (issuance, advising, confirmation etc.)

  • Guarantees

  • Export Bills for Collection

  • Reimbursement/Reimbursing Bank

Our complete range of Trade Finance includes:

  • Discounting (Usance LC’s & Bills)

  • Guarantees

  • Export Pre-Shipment Finance (subject to status)

  • Risk Participations