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Please be aware that fraudsters may link to sites that appear to be Diamond Bank (UK) Plc. However, remains the only authentic and genuine website of Diamond Bank (UK) Plc whose registered head office is at 36‐38 Leadenhall Street, London EC3A 1AT, United Kingdom.

Fraudulent Email Policy Guidelines

This document is intended to provide some guidance on dealing with suspicious and fraudulent e‐mails purporting to be from Diamond Bank (UK) Plc.

It is difficult to cover all eventualities in respect of the identification of bogus e‐mails and the risk of fraud and disruption that arises therefrom. Criminals are adept at changing tactics and make identification of fraudulent emails increasingly difficult. Accordingly, this guidance is not intended and cannot be, by its nature, comprehensive.

Diamond Bank (UK) Plc is not responsible for the effectiveness or completeness of the information provided and makes no warranties whatsoever. Diamond Bank (UK) Plc shall not be liable for any loss or damage as the result of relying on these guidelines or as the result of accessing fraudulent e‐mails or websites.

General guidance

  • E‐mails which require urgent action should be considered carefully.

  • Emails which ask for personal information to be provided particularly information such as bank account or credit card details may be bogus. If you have already provided these details as a result of a suspicious e‐mail you should contact your bank immediately.

  • E‐mails which request payment of an administration fee or payment of an amount in advance should be considered carefully. A popular scam is an e‐mail informing the recipient that they have won a prize in a lottery that they have not actually entered.

  • E‐mails which have poor and obvious spelling mistakes may have been so constructed to avoid the spam filters that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use.

Diamond Bank (UK) Plc adopts the following policies towards e‐mails and website contents:

  • Diamond Bank does not provides services through its website and so e‐mails or websites offering services in the name of Diamond Bank (UK) Plc will not be genuine.

  • Diamond Bank (UK) Plc does not offer services to individuals and retail clients and so e‐mails offering these services will not be genuine.

  • Diamond Bank (UK) Plc does not manage or administer any lotteries. E‐mails in the name of Diamond Bank (UK) Plc purporting to relate to lottery prizes or gains will not be genuine.

  • The only genuine Diamond Bank (UK) Plc address for mail in the UK is 36‐38 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3A 1AT.

  • The correct format of Diamond Bank (UK) Plc’s e‐mail address is [email protected]

  • Diamond Bank (UK) Plc does not provide cash services. Any e‐mail that purports to come from Diamond Bank (UK) Plc and relates to the payment or receipt of cash is unlikely to be genuine.

  • Suspicious e‐mails can be directed to Diamond Bank (UK) Plc for investigation. The relevant address is [email protected]. We do not undertake to revert to the sender or acknowledge the suspicious e‐mail, but may reply if we need further information to pursue any investigation we wish to pursue.